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YOSH~~!!! [11/21/05 ]
No more simpleton EMT! I FINALLY got my Paramedic certification!!!

That an' a transfer offer from Chicago. I think I might take it.
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I'M ALIVE!!! [09/21/05 ]
Uuugh.. To much partyin'.. So hungover for tha past few days.. an' me head's poundin'. Uuh, I'll neva do it again. NEVA. And back to work tomorrow... er..

Alright, alright, I confessCollapse )
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W00t! [08/31/05 ]
I have off tomorrow!

Now what did I miss? :D
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7-11 [08/04/05 ]
YO! No, I'm not back from vacation like the rest of ya. I never go on vacation. Mwahaha! How'sa everyone's summers been though? Hopefully full of beaches, joy-rides, and foxy ladies in bikinis. (or men... though preferably NOT in bikinis)


I've had a lot of heat-stroke calls so far, so a warnin' for the wise! The air conditioner loves ya too!
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date lottery [07/14/05 ]
Memo to Dr. (Marie) OaksCollapse )
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i'm alive! not [06/21/05 ]
Blah. My partner's home sick today and the rest of the teams are full, so it's a day in the ER today. I miss the open road already. Insert wistful sigh here. Indeed, blah.

Anyone wanna start a money-pool for some pizza? Yey hungry ER folk.
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home again [05/22/05 ]
I swear, I got home this afternoon and probably smoked two packs in one sitting. Lectures are as boring as all hell, but oh man, where the parties great. And it's good to know I can still fit into my leather pants. :D I really need to apologize to Audrey for what happened Saturday night though, so I'll try to run into her tomorrow.

But in all certainly, it's good to be home. Just finished a customized layout for this lj thingy too. Yey. An work tomorrow. More yey.
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meme thing-a-ma-bobs [05/20/05 ]
Stole these from Reardon. Though they trampled my ego.Collapse )

More proof I am a manwhore. (Original reasoning inside entry and above)
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the ER rocks my socks [05/14/05 ]
The drive around yesterday wasn't entirely uneventful, but close to it. Only three calls, two of which weren't that major. The third was a guy who fell down the stairs while holding a nailgun. Not pretty.

I think I should feel lucky for having done work at all. The ER's been getting a lot more walk-in patients, so administration's taking the hint and sending out less ambulances. That means more able bodies actually working in the ER tomorrow. That also means me too. The EMT jumpsuit isn't too fashionable anyways. Wearing them is actually more sort of an embarrassment.

But for now, it's off to give the Department Heads new patients
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zoom zoom [05/11/05 ]
One of the ambulances was short a member, so I got roped in to filling in. It's a little hard working with a team who know one another pretty well, when you yourself don't work with them often. At least they're respectable people and don't poke fun at the accent. So I'll be out with them until my first break at noon. Lunch anyone? I'll be off again at 3. More "zoom zoom" zooming with flashy lights.

I laugh at all who have Clinic duty. ER life is better.

Though I hear a batch of interns and residents are due to have their rotation in the ER some day soon. That'll be fun. They're always lively and eager people to work with.
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